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It’s the season to be jolly and the Pink Elephant organized an epic 12-day Christmas adventure! From December 15th till December 26th, it truly was all about giving and sharing happiness, with fun and festive activities organized in true Christmas spirit and daily gift vouchers of 1,000 LE handed to the lucky winner of of our competition of the day.

From arts and crafts to dancing, treasure hunts to clown shows, face painting to tree decoration, the 12-day event was a never-ending celebration of joy and family at the Pink Elephant store, which was decorated in a North Pole theme to make Santa feel at home during his stay!

Indeed, Father Christmas came from his home far far away to spend each and everyday with us at the Pink Elephant store, spreading happiness and ho ho hos, showering the kids with gifts and love. We even caught him feasting on our delicious unlimited supply of cotton candy. His sweet tooth probably explains his tummy!

Santa also attended Pepper’s Christmas party on the 22nd to watch the magic show with kids and dance hip hop with the numerous celebrities who graced us with their presence, such as the artists May Seliem & Mohamed El-Kelany, the fashion designer Malak Elezawy and personal stylist Nada Hossam.

But what would Christmas be without fun & games? Kids and parents alike rushed to take part in one of our many festive and good-spirited competitions. Highlights included an awesome Candy Cane hunt, a family Karaoke night, A Guess the Movie competition and fathers & sons teaming up for the chance to win a PlayStation 4! Moms also had their special day on December 19th to win a full Baby Shower list.

We were truly blessed to have our partners with us, from Tasty Two who provided delicious cakes and cookies to our numerous suppliers – such as Soug, Sanosan, Dr Brown, Obébé, Selivnian Family, Mustela, Cybex & Nuby – who acted as generous sponsors during the whole period!

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The Pink Elephant is not only about providing quality products and toys to our beloved customers. We also believe that we have a nurturing role in a child’s education and development, and for this reason, we participated in the first-ever Child Expo in Egypt, held at the Dusit Thani hotel from November 16 to November 18, 2017.

We set up a booth and organized many fun activities for kids such as Giant Lego, face painting and caricature drawing! We also gave away coloring books to children and parents so they can tap into their inner artist, and for those with a sweet tooth, Oreo pops, Disney characters cookies, chocolate chips cookies & chocolate brownies were dispatched by our loving team.

In partnership with renowned Child Psychologist and Parent coach, Amina Diab, we co-hosted a small workshop entitled “How to talk so your kids can listen” so that parents can learn constructive and efficient techniques to earn the respect and attention of their little angels.  We believe, like Mrs. Diab, that parent-child relationships should be built on the foundations of respect, love and trust rather than discipline and tough love.

Since the talk was catered to parents, we did not want forget about the kids; we have Participated at the science competition which developed their critical thinking skills in an engaging and fun way. The winners were rewarded with vouchers from the Pink Elephant store so they can expand their toy collection!

We were really happy and honored to participate in such an innovative event and hope to see more of you during the next edition!

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s just so much fun that we’ve decided to invite supermom and designer Malak El Ezzawy to transform our store into one giant universe of chills and thrills!

The ghostly atmosphere drew the kids in and they came dressed is all sorts of creative customs to devour the candy on offer. The hungry Halloweeners then created their own spooky Nola cupcake and decorated a pumpkin, before getting their faces painted so they can try and scare their parents for a change!

It was wonderful to see so many celebrities and influencers like Laurice Matta, Nada Hussam and many super mommies who attend our event with their lovely little monsters. But the event was open to everyone and, with so many activities available, both parents and kids hoped through the day with a huge smile on their face!

Awesomely ridiculous pictures were taken at our special “Trick or Treat” booth and father and son joined forces in our green area for a Toss game! However, the day truly belonged to the creative and we awarded a 1000 EGP gift voucher to the most delicious costume out there: Three adorable kids dressed as rock, paper, scissors! Now, that’s ingenuity!

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Hosted by the Baheya Foundation on October 14th, many celebrities and business leaders came to the Pink Elephant store to lend their voices and visibility to raising awareness about Breast Cancer.

Our adorable mascot Pepper was on hand to collect donations while the Pink Elephant store decided to give 2.5 % of our October revenue to the cause as part of our CSR commitments.

The mood was light and joyful and many educational shows were organized so that kids can learn about science in a fun end engaging way. Some little geniuses put on their lab coats to do some experiments with the dedicated Baheya team, learning about anatomy and chemical reactions in the process.

Some kids preferred to sit quietly and draw on our colouring books while others preferred getting their faces painted. What everyone did in common though, including the beautiful moms, is feast on the delicious food brought to our store by Velvet Cakes!

Raising awareness about Breast Cancer is crucial and we all have to do our part in helping the community so we would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed, including influencers Therese Yousri, Shereen Nizay, Heba Taher and Ghadi Mamdouh and the founders of the Social Mother’s group Evepedia.

Gone are the days at the beach or the vacation abroad; the summer is over and it is time for children to return to school. Anticipating this stressful period, the Pink Elephant has organized a special event to make our customers relax and have fun! All shopping needs to ensure your kid transitions back smoothly to a healthy school-year routine has been taught of by our experienced team.

For a duration of three weeks, parents and children were warmly greeted by free popcorn, cotton candy and juices at the door before picking up their shopping bags to explore our numerous school-related quality products.

Some parents picked up Hello Kitty backpacks for their beautiful little girls while others made sure their special prince had the coolest lunch box around. Even MO4 Superwoman Amy Mowafi, sassy socialite Laurence Matta and managing editor of the Daily Crisp Fairouz Eid came with their respective husband to pamper their little angels with everything they need to go back to school with a smile. But first and foremost this was a day for kids to feel like kids so we made sure that all sorts of entertainment were available.

From playing mats to Play-stations, children were playing together before going home with all their new goodies. Even though it isn’t always easy to go back to school after a long day, we were sure happy to see many delighted little faces lighting up our store. 

The Pink Elephant believe that it is our duty to give back to the most vulnerable members of the community during the month of Ramadan. As a result, we joined forces with MO4 Network on July 13 to raise funds for and raise the spirits of orphans.

 8 little princesses joined us from The Bashaer Al Fagr Foundation for a day of fun at the Pink Elephant store. We were so delighted to see them brimming with joy as they played in our garden and indulged their artistic side with beautiful drawings and paintings. But every princess deserves a tiara so they took pictures in our customized princess photo booth so they can have a souvenir of their special day as royalty.

Before they left, each girl went through the store and picked out a gift of their choice. We’d like to thank our partners for helping us organize this event and express our gratitude to our valued Pink Elephant customers who came and spent some time with these beautiful children.

We know that Mothers have the most precious but demanding job in the world so it is only right that they get pampered from time to time. And since March celebrates both women and motherhood, we at the Pink Elephant, have decided to spoil our clientele with special offers on body care products from March 21st till the end of the month. But that’s not all! On two separate weekends (17 & 18 – 23 & 24 March 2017), we opened our doors to major brands Maybeline and Runaway Beauty to give our customers the royal treatment: make up, nail spa, facial treatment and hair care. Safe to say, everyone left our store feeling beautiful and revitalized. 

Open to everyone, regular clients and walk-ins alike, the event was a true success so make sure you join in the fun next year!

It was the big day and we were so delighted to see so many children come out to play. With smiles on their faces and their hands holding Mom, they strolled through the store with a big smile and eyes of wonder.

Organized at the Pink Elephant store by media powerhouse MO4, the event not only catered to these little bundle of joys but also to the parents, who enjoyed a fine selection of food from the Crave before indulging their sweet tooth with delicious cupcakes from Nola.

Serenaded by the groovy sounds of local band The Screwdrivers, children beamed with excitement, their little dancing feet rushing in and out of the store to share with their parents their latest discovery at the Pink Elephant store.

To keep a souvenir of the special occasion, parents and their mini mis snapped adorable pictures in specially branded photo stands with their favorite Pink Elephant characters in the background! But that was not it, we also organized a face painting booth and asked the lovelies what their favorite animal was. Unsurprisingly, butterflies were really popular with the little princesses while the little warriors opted for tigers.

Once home, parents could tuck their kids in to bed while reading them Pink Elephant’s first story for kids, specially written for the little ones on the back of the event’s invitation.

It is safe to say that everybody left with a big smile on their face. Little secret? Even the celebrities, influencers and the CEO of our very own mother company EL Ezaby refound the little child inside of them that day!

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